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Our Course


Please find all the information you need on our course below. Please feel free to complete the book now form to guarantee your place on our next training day. 

Our Course


Please find all the information you need on our course below. Please feel free to complete the book now form to guarantee your place on our next training day. 

Course Information

Course Contents
  • Benefits of Rebound Therapy
  • Contraindications
  • Trampoline handling and safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Development of programmes for students with varying needs
  • Communication and cross curricular teaching opportunities
  • Use of development and reward programme
  • How to accurately measure and record progress.
When And Where
  • When: 8th & 9th Of April 2020 (Course Cancelled Due To Lockdown, A New Date Will Be Confirmed Shortly)
  • Where: Pinetown Gym

— Online Course —


You can gain an internationally approved and accredited coaching qualification from your garden. if you have a trampoline in your garden, you can use this extra time at home very productively. Rebound Therapy is the use of a trampoline to provide therapeutic exercise for children and adults across a wide range of additional needs and disabilities. are responsible for the development and delivery of the training courses, and because of the current situation, they are making their training courses available as an online distance learning programme with full email, phone and Facetime video tutoring.

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Need To Know More?

What is Rebound Therapy?

In addition to the benefits listed above, Rebound Therapy is an ideal vehicle for cross curricular teaching activities supporting numeracy, literacy, sequencing, positioning, communication and consideration of others. Working on a trampoline is intrinsically motivating and enjoyable and returns high value in therapeutic terms for the time and effort involved. Rebound Therapy is fun, gives confidence through movement, develops fitness and a sense of well-being. Targets and goals are set and a participant’s progress is measured and recorded using the Huddersfield Functional Index programme.

So why the Trampoline?
The trampoline was invented by a French neurologist to provide therapy for brain injured children. Rebounding exercises are low in impact and high in cardiovascular responses making it an efficient and effective exercise.
How can I become a Practitioner?
Attend a certified 2 day course at the Pinetown gym. This involves practical and theory. The practical enables you to practice on the trampoline in order to achieve a satisfactory standard in supporting techniques for a full range of special needs. The theory includes the science behind movement, risk assessments, programmes for defined special needs and the Huddersfield Functional index which is used to measure and record the outcomes for students with profound and complex needs.
Who can be trained to be a Rebound Therapy practitioner?
Teachers (main stream and special needs) and assistants
Occupational Therapists
Gymnasts, trampoline coaches
Rehabilitation workers and carers
Who is Rebound Therapy designed for?
In a Neurodiverse classroom many pupils learn differently. Kinesthetic learners benefit from movement and therefore the motion of a trampoline stimulates concentration and promotes learning.
In the United Kingdom, Rebound Therapy is popular in both special needs schools and mainstream schools that have a special needs unit.
Participants include all ages and range from mild to severe physical disabilities. Participants have varying needs from mild to profound and multiple learning disabilities including sensory impairment and autistic spectrum.
Where and when do the courses take place?
The courses are held at the Pinetown gym which caters for the practical and has a venue for the theory. The first course for 2020 will be on the 8th and 9th April 2020. Further courses will be advertised on the website and facebook page.

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